Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Saturday, February 12, 2011


so i lost the password to my blog and since everytime i tried to long in it was in chinese, it didnt help me very much to figure out how to solve the problem. Until i figure it out i will be writing in Microsoft Word to remember what i did.

 Anyways to go back about a week and talk about what all we did may be a little difficult but i will do my best. For the most part not to much went on. Now that school is up and running and all classes are final (no more add/drop) we have for the most part slowed down some. We still go out to different restaurants most nights and go to the bars here and there. We went back to the horse track  last week and i didnt gamble since I lost money in Macau. After the race we went to this sushi place called sushi one. it was a very nice restaurant with amazing sushi. We had ordered so much that
the whole table was covered with food and its was all for under $100 HK or  like $12 american.

Saturday we went to the Big Buddha, its was pretty amazing even though it was really touristic. took a lot of good pictures. we were going to walk to the Big buddha but the trip would have taken easily 4-5hours or more with non stop walking. You have to go over three mountains to get to it. So we decided to take the  cable car there and walk back. After about an 2 hours we decided to get ready to head back, as we were finishing the last of our pictures a small group of us (me, greg, clay, and alyssa) decided we were going to take a bus back since it was so cheap.

On monday the group of us went to the flower market to do a project for our entreprenuership class. There was a lot of kids and games for the whole family. It was kind of interesting and many of the flowers were nice but they were, for the most part, all the same. they had around 10 different kinds but with all the venders selling the same thing it got kind of boring fast. we interviewed a few of the shop keepers for our project but we always had to talk with the younger people bc none of the parents or older generation speaks english. We were having conversations with 8-10 year olds while there parents didnt understand a word, so it was a little strange.

for not posting in such a long time im sorry for not having more detailed things up but its hard to always remember an entire day for a whole week.

next stop is the Phillippines and i leave tomorrow night.for Boracay, the famous White Beach. Should be amazing, and i should have a lot to talk about.

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