Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

mon-wed (17th-19th)

Monday was the first day of class, business statistics. since it was at 4:30pm i had plenty of time to get some things done, such as filling out some paper work and setting up forms to get student subway passes and to get access to use the school gym. Once it came time for class i got my things together and headed off. once i got into the classroom there was a few people there already so i introduced myself. everyone was nice then the teacher walked in and we took are seats. it took him a while to set up and people continued to walk into the class. (side note: I guess they dont believe being on time is important when it comes to class bc people would walk into class 20min, 30min, even an hour late and sit down like nothing was wrong. Everyone else that i know has had the same things happen in their classes.) So the teacher puts up a power point on the projector and begins the lesson. If you thought you ever had a teacher that you couldnt understand, i can bet you my guy was worse. he kept saying umm. and his teaching had no organization to it at all. He kept moving the slide up and down going from one thing to another, and then going back because he missed something. I knew right away what i was doing, dropping that class.
That night we went to the mall again. I found an awesome store and got 3 shirts, and a flannel for $40 american. UNBELIEVABLE.

Tuesday i dont have any classes. now that i dropped the statistics course i have mon. and tues. free. 4 day weekend! but wed i have one class in the morning and done. thursday i have two classes and friday i have two courses also. Went to Billy Boozer again. Great night once again.

had my business to business class. Its awesome and goin to be, i think, i pretty easy class. Thank god english is my native tongue. this course truly demands understanding it especially for the reading. a few people i know are in the class (3 french girls 2 german girls) and so when he told us there was a big project and we had to get in groups we looked at each other and agreed we would be in a group. I was the only american in the class so when the teacher said find a group i could see all the asians looking at me to be in their group. Going to get some lunch with people from the group, and later tonight we are going to the horse tracks. should be interesting

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  1. i thought i was in china yesterday.