Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Sunday, January 23, 2011

wed 19th - sunday 23rd

Went to the race tracks and it was incredible. I won too. Bet $20 on horse #4 to win and bet $20 on horse #7 to place (in the top 3). Horse #4 won and horse #7 came in second place. So went up and collected $140. HK dollars of course. Then we had quite an adventure that night trying to find food. Took some pictures and videos.

Thursday and Friday were relaxed day. Went to the grocery store and got a few items for the room so we dont eat out to much. Every night we usually go to a different restaurant (sounds expensive but a good place might cost you about $10 american and thats kind of expensive for here) The worst thing of all though is that we will go to a nice place to eat and literally go across the street, as soon as we are done, to go to McDonalds. Sadly we have done this on more than one occasion. Its just the food has like no flavor. They do not even salt and pepper the meat. Another side note about the meat:

It always has bones in it. If you order chicken or duck, they chop the bird up with the bone, so you may get a slice of chicken but it will have part of the rib cage still attached. You get more bone than you do meat. And its like they dont believe in serving it all at the same temp. I ordered this meat dish from a nice restaurant and it came with duck, chicken, and pork. However the chicken, like i said, was mostly bone, skin and fat comes second most and actual meat is in last place. Also like i said they do not salt and pepper or add really any spices or herbs so the chicken was bland, worst of all it seemed like it was sitting out for a while because it was cold to touch, but not like refrigerator cold, it was room temp cold. The duck was similar, warm in some places and cold in others. Pork has usually been the safest bet.

Saturday we went to Macau, Basically the Chinese Las Vegas. It had the Wynn, and the Venetian. The Venetian was like three times bigger than the one in Las Vegas but, L.Vegas was much nicer. I think its because they went so big they could not put all the fine detail into the buildings. There was some other casino's that would blow your mind in sheer size. All in all it was alot of fun. And yes we checked out the Playboy club that was in Macau. We got there early so not many people were there. It wasn't that impressive but it was interesting.

Sunday was another laid back day, went out go some books and just hung out. Booked our flight to the Philippines and the place to stay in Boracay, amazing prices!

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